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AJYAL Space Progam -
SciFest Online Astronomy Workshops

About Saudi Space Commission

Established by the Royal Order of the King of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Space Commission is responsible for all matters related to space activity. It also encourages space-related research and industrial activities.

About Ajyal Space

AJYAL Space program - one of the most important programs at Saudi Space Commission (SSC), is concerned with the development of human capital in the Space Sector. The focus of the program is to explore and expand the horizons of scientific learning and research in STEM sciences and innovation, aiming at its core to enable emerging generations to become pioneers in the development and use of space technologies and applications.

About the SciFest Program for AJYAL

In 2020, SciFest Dubai partnered with Saudi Space Commission's AJYAL Space to create and deliver 9 space-themed online workshops. The program was in Arabic and the target audience was high school students in that kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The cumulative online audience was over 100,000


Chief Programme Designer: Rohan Roberts |

Lead Arabic Host: Lara Matossian |

Program Aims:

To inspire a new generation of young Saudi space explorers with the wonders of science, technology, and the cosmos.

Structure and Format:

The sessions are interactive, live and consist of online presentations, facilitator-led guided activities, recorded and live experiments, story-telling segments, online polls, virtual simulations, and Q&A sessions:


Overview of the modules:

Session 1 - The Case for Space Exploration.png
Session 2 - Scales of the Universe.png
Session 3 - Cosmic Perpesctives.png

Session 1: The Case for Space Exploration


  • To identify the benefits of space travel and exploration

  • To explore the role of space exploration in human transcendence

  • To understand why our species is considered “explorers”

Session 2: Scales of the Universe


  • To grasp the true size and meaning of “billion”.

  • To review the scales of the solar system, galaxy and universe at large.

  • To reflect on humanity’s presence and existence in the cosmos

Session 3: Cosmic Perspectives


  • To identify the rights of a cosmic citizen.

  • To outline the various responsibilities of a cosmic citizen.

  • To define what it means to have a cosmic perspective.

  • To evaluate the importance of cosmic citizenship in global education.

Session 4 - Existential Threats from Space.png
Session 5 - Rocket Propulsion Systems.png
Session 6 - Satellites and International Space Station.png

Session 4: Existential Cosmic Threats


  • To highlight the challenges and threats from space that could impact the survival of our species

  • To discuss 2050 milestones for our species

Session 5: Rocket Propulsion Systems


  • To learn about the different types of propulsion systems

  • To highlight the different stages of rocket launches

  • To analyze the significance of escape velocity

Session 6: Satellites and Life on the International Space Station


  • To identify the function and importance of satellites

  • To discuss the significance of the International Space Station

  • To consider the life-support and docking systems of the ISS

Session 7 - Preparing to be an Astronaut.png
Session 8 - Mars Colonization.png
Session 9 - Pale Blue Dot.png

Session 7: Becoming an Astronaut - HRH Prince Sultan Bin Salman


  • To highlight the challenges involved in training to be an astronaut.

  • To analyse the threats facing an astronaut – on earth, during lift-off, and in space

  • To identify famous astronauts from different parts of the world

Session 8: Colonization of Mars


  • To the challenges involved in travelling to Mars

  • To highlight the role played by SpaceX in reducing the costs of Space Travel

  • To develop an understanding of why it’s important to have a human presence on Mars

Session 9: Pale Blue Dot


  • To understand the fragility of earth in the cosmic arena

  • To explore the meaning of “The Pale Blue Dot”

  • To evaluate human history and understanding in the context of the cosmos

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