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Science Conferences

Contact SciFest Dubai to organise awe-inspiring and mind-blowing conferences on science, technology, and future studies for all age groups and target audiences. 


SciFest Dubai™ has extensive experience in organising science-themed talks and conferences including training speakers, social media networking, press and media coverage, and promotions and publicity. Past events include TEDx talks and the Critical Wonder Serious Awe keynote conference.



Science, Art, & Theatre Workshops

Contact SciFest Dubai to organise or conduct science-themed art workshops, science-themed mime shows, and science story-telling for different age groups. 



Stargazing and Astronomy

Contact SciFest Dubai™ to organise stargazing events for students, colleges, and corporate functions. Activities include, astronomy talks, astronomy workshops, planetary viewing through telescopes, constellation spotting with smart phone apps, and other astrnomy related games and activities. 



Training: Neuroscience, Creativity, Innovation, and STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Enginering, Art, & Mathematics)

In the last 5 years we've learnt more about the human brain than in all the previous centuries combined. Brain scanning and brain mapping technologies are growing at an exponential rate. All the research indicates that the best way to promote creativity and innovation is by taking a cross-curricular and multi-discplinary approach to learning. Contact SciFest Dubai™ to organise training sessions related to 21st century pedagogy, creativity, innovation, neuroscience and STEAM Education.  


Media support, press releases, and event management

With extensive experience in organising events related to Science and the arts, SciFest Dubai™ is available to support events that are aligned with our core values. Contact us for media support and press release writing, and event management.  




Community Science

SciFest Dubai is committed to promoting a public understanding of science. If you'd like to organise Cafe Scientifique-styled meetups at your school, university, or company, get in touch with us. We also organise workshops, talks, and thinktanks on innovation, creativity, technology, future studies, and intelligent optimism. 



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