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What should our generation do to advance the HUMAN project?


We know more. We are more connected. We can think bigger. We can dream bigger. We can mobilize at an unprecedented scale. 

So let's do it. Let's go all the way.

This is an invitation


To wrap our minds around the big questions: Who are we, humans? Who should we become? Where should we head next?

The beginning of a conversation about the rest of our lives.

Unleash your imagination


What could be more important than finding our place in the grand scheme of existence? What could be more exciting than pushing the HUMAN project forward?

Introducing The HUMAN Project app

The HUMAN project trailer

 "We are all contributors to the HUMAN project.
 What we do with our lives determines where it goes next.
 If we learn well, one day we’ll be
 looking for a new label and a new story.

 would simply become too small, too tight
 to capture who we will have become."

 Click here to visit The HUMAN Project website
Click here to check out The HUMAN Project curriculum

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