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Solar System



A fun and interactive science play for kids  


Planets that fart?

Dogs in space?

Raining diamonds?

Don’t believe us?


Meet Mrs. Bumblealong, our favourite science teacher, as she navigates through the solar system with a little help from you!

These on-stage performances are sure to entertain, educate, and enlighten audiences of all ages but particularly the young ones.

Suitable for ages 6 – 9 years old. 

Step 1: Register your interest

Step 2: A SciFest team member will contact you to confirm your booking.

Step 3: Oh The Solar System comes to your school

A thoroughly 
entertaining science play!

The kids will love it!

A fun way to learn about space!

A unique learning experience that combines science and performance!

Meet the Writers and Producers of Oh The Solar System


Penny McKenzie

Penny is a veteran actor, writer, and producer. She has many years of experience in the Dubai drama scene and is currently responsible for youth development at The Courtyard Playhouse.


For more details about Penny, click here.

Lara Matossian

Lara is the founder and CEO of SciFest Dubai. She is also a storyteller, mime, voiceover narrator and is the creator of the YouTube Channel, Storytime with Good Rainbow.


For more details about Lara, click here

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