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The use of stand-up comedy allows scientists to engage with audiences that may not attend the usual lectures and exhibitions and helps bring cutting-edge science more into the mainstream spotlight. It also helps to break down the negative stereotypes that may go along with working in cutting-edge science.


In recent years, science and comedy have become increasingly entangled. Shows like ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’, starring Robin Ince (BBC’s Mock the Week) and Professor Brian Cox have opened up areas of science such as particle physics to a wider and more mainstream audience. Similarly, a plethora of science-based comedy events have been showcased at science festivals this year, such as Bright Club and Festival of the Spoken Nerd, which were both hugely popular shows. 


Our science stand-up comedian at this year's festival is Toby Mason, renowned for his wit, humour, and his numerous performances as part of the Dubai Drama Group. 



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